Social Events

Ice Breaker

Monday 08 September, 19:00 - approx. 21:00
Venue: Café Campus Hauptcampus Universität Hildesheim

Address: Marienburgerplatz 22
31141 Hildesheim

Meet your friends and colleagues and everybody you haven't seen since the last GfÖ We will be entertained by the group Jazz2Jazz, guitarist Peter Volmer and bassist Klaus Breer, accompanied by drummer Matthias Roß.

Conference Dinner

Tuesday 09 September 2014 , 20:00 - ...
Location: Novotel Hildesheim

Address: Bahnhofsallee 38, 31134 Hildesheim
Fee: Euro 40.00 including a buffet with lots of choices, also vegetarian and some drinks.

The entertaining part will be looked after by the group Fairytale (song, guitar, violin, cello)

FAIRYTALE is an extraordinary band that, with honest homemade folk music and just a smidgen of Pop, provides nature with a musical voice never heard before. Multiple vocals and the classical instrumentation of violin, cello and acoustic guitar dominate the sound of FAIRYTALE.

The presence and aura of Laura and Berit enchant the audience from the very first chord on. Their songs take us back to the era of "Once upon a time" and tell stories of mystical worlds in which the magic of nature manifests itself to the point where it seems to be within reach.

GfÖ Club Night/BBQ and vegetarian food

Wednesday 10 September, 19:00 - approx. 24:00
Venue: Main campus Universität Hildesheim Marienburgerplatz 22, 31141 Hildesheim

Fee: Euro 15.00 (for BBQ and Vegi food)
19:00 BBQ, for those who can't wait we will serve some drinks and get the BBQ started from 17:30
20:00 start Club Night

DJ CLAAS will provide a broad selection of music funk und soul, latin, balkan, electro & swing, mamboqueens and filmsoundtracks, to encourage as many participants as possible to come and join and dance !