Conference office KCS Convention Service:

For further information regarding registration and payments or other questions please contact:

Heike Kuhlmann
KCS Kuhlmann Convention Service
Rue des Chênes 12
CH-2800 Delémont
Phone: +41-32-4234384

Local Organising Committee - Hildesheim

Hildesheim University - Research group: Ecology and Environmental Education

Conference Chair

Prof. Dr. Jasmin Mantilla-Contreras


Dr. Ines Bruchmann, Dr. Torsten Richter

Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Jasmin Mantilla-Contreras
Prof. Dr. Horst Kierdorf
Prof. Dr. Martin Sauerwein
Dr. Ines Bruchmann
Dr. Christopher Faust
Dr. Torsten Richter

Organizing Committee

Tim Drissen
Anastasia Koch
Pina Lammers
Ricarda Pätsch
Lena Reibelt
Tsiry Rakotoarisoa
Robin Stadtmann
Stephanie Stiegel
Julia Treitler