The following thematic sessions have been approved:

Agriculture and biological diversity

Targeting of conservation actions for improved farmland biodiversity conservation

Winners and losers among farmland birds – what are the causes behind population fluctuations?

Synthesis in Biodiversity – integrating different perspectives and disciplines

Biodiversity pattern and conservation strategies in the tropics and subtropics

Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of high-mountain regions under land-cover / land use change

Grassland biodiversity and ecosystem functioning

Biodiversity patterns and consequences of human impacts in mediterranean landscapes

Matching goals and procedures of theIntergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)

Biotic interactions in complex landscapes – linking theory and data

Competition, facilitation, predation: how interactions among individuals shape populations, communities, and ecosystems

Novel soils: aboveground–belowground interactions in a changing world

Current topics in ecosystem science: Acclimation and adaptation of plant traits in changing climate

Functional plant ecology: basic and applied studies on plant and ecosystem functioning

The role of plant volatiles in community ecology

Epigenetics: the next big thing in ecology, or much ado about nothing?

Evolutionary ecology

Landscape Genetics ten years later: Linking functional connectivity across trophic scales

Mycorrhizal and decomposer fungi: Competitors or collaborators?

The ecology of microorgansims - primary producers

Spatial patterns and ecological processes

Forest ecology and management

The use of herbivores and rewilding as tools in nature conservation

The Role of education in conservation biology

Ecological risk assessment and management

How to benefit from current data trends to answer bigger questions in ecology

Integrating statistical knowledge in analyzing ecological phenomena and the development of practical tools

Recent advances in technology and modelling for nature conservation and ecosystem management

Remote sensing for ecosystem monitoring, management and conservation

Tools for nature conservation